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Smoked Turkey

My husband loves to smoke meat and we just happened to have a turkey breast that had taken up a home in our freezer.  We knew it was out there, we just did not have the time to cook it.  My husband decided he was going to smoke it this past weekend.He marinated it with 1/2 Cup of Italian Dressing and Durkee Peppercorn marinade packet.  He let this sit overnight, then the smoking began!  It took about 4-5 hours to fully smoke the turkey and wow was it tasty!  There will be more turkey recipes to come using this turkey meat.  We were shocked by how much meat was on it.I decided to use up the last Stove Top stuffing mix that I had and then made my own mashed potatoes.  I boiled 4 peeled potatoes, and added 1/3 cup of Skim milk then I blended them up using the handheld blender.

We added a piece of multi grain bread, topped the entire meal with brown gravy and enjoyed a our turkey dinner!
Remember to print your coupons for this meal before heading to the store!Looking forward to smoked brisket coming very soon!


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