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Pesto Pasta

After reading many recipes on Pesto, I decided I would try one. I was inspired by Sweet Luvin’ in the Kitchen’s Spinach and Basil Pesto. I am not sure if my version would classify as a Pesto since I did not add nuts. I am allergic to all tree nuts, so I did not even go there! I used what I had on hand and what I researched from what typically goes into Pesto and went from there.

I was really surprised with how good this taste, it was such a nice flavor. I wondered how my son would react to it as he is my taste tester, yes and he is only 14 months old. He is learning early. He really LOVED this, he was gobbling it up as fast as I was giving it to him!

I served it with leftover dill fish and fresh squash.

Enjoy this delicious Pesto Pasta!


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