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Spinach and Ham Omelet

I conquered the OMELET! Can you tell I am just a little bit excited about this? I have tried to make an omelet in the past and it quickly turned into the Toddler Egg Scramble! I have a horrible skillet that seriously needs and upgrade and each time I tried to make the omelet, the eggs stuck to the skillet, and I ended up scrambling them. I am just going to keep blaming my skillet.

Moving on, back to conquering them.
Note: If you would like to make more than one, use 3 eggs. In a small cup or bowl whisk 1 egg plus 1 egg white together and then in another bowl whisk 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk. This splits the 3rd egg and allows you to have a healthier omelet using the egg white. I did this when making our omelets so that my husband could have one and my son could have one. Remember, I do not like eggs.

I cut the omelet in half and served to my son for breakfast. He was equally impressed!


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  1. Laura Janeposted August 19, 2010 at 8:07 am

    I seriously make Mason a spinach and cheese omelet almost every morning- he loves them! Never thought to add them ham to it. Sounds delish. =)



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