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Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

slow cooker bbq chicken

Words cannot express how good this was! This took mere minutes to prepare and then the slow cooker did all the work!

slow cooker bbq chicken
This taste AMAZING! I was so impressed, this may be my favorite busy day recipe because it was so easy and delicious. This was the first time I used chicken thighs and I really feel that made a difference because the chicken was more tender than the chicken breast.
We put this on some toasted hamburger buns and paired with the onion soup potatoes. Corn on the cob would be a nice addition to this recipe too.
This chicken would also make a great topping for baked potatoes or even a BBQ Chicken Pizza.


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  1. Laura Jane says:

    Haha- he loved it! Chris would love this recipe, too. I just might put it on our menu for next week!

  2. Mommy Hates Cooking says:

    Yeah, we made this last week actually are I put it on this morning again…it's just that good!

  3. Jennifer says:

    If I don’t like barbecue, but my husband does, would it still taste as good if I didn’t add the barbecue sauce?
    Thank you so much for sharing recipes, it helps encourage me to keep cooking.


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