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Dairy Free Pinwheels

This past week, we found out that my son is anemic and needs more iron in his diet and a little less dairy. Now, I have been on a quest to add as much green veggies as possible to his meals and a little less vitamin D and calcium. We need a better balance!

After posting about toddler pinwheels, I realized my son really loves these and would be easy to make dairy free with more green veggies.
To make these I used market pantry tortilla’s, French’s honey Dijon mustard, ham, and spinach.
I laid out the tortilla as I did in the previous post, but instead of cream cheese I used the French’s Honey Dijon mustard and instead of cheese I used spinach. I used the ham the same as I did previously. These turned out so good and just like my son loved the last batch, he is equally excited about this dairy free alternative!
These will be a staple in our house and a great way to get some extra iron in his diet.
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  1. Very cool that your son, at his age, will eat something with honey dijon mustard and spinach! Good for you, smart mom! I'm betting my husband and I both will love these. Thanks for the idea!

  2. These look tasty!

  3. Mommy Hates Cooking says:

    Thanks! My son is actually not to picky about taste, he is pick about texture though.

  4. Yum! I followed the link from your new 4 week allergy free meal plan. This looks so simple and delicious! This will be on my menu plan this coming week :)

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