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One thing I am really not very fond of is, Fish! I have just recently started to eat catfish, tilapia, and salmon. Those are the only three types of fish I can find that do not taste fishy! I was basically told that my diet should consist of 3 servings of fish a week. My first thought was…YUCK! I’m learning to love it though, one day at a time.

I decided to fix some tilapia. I used a cookie sheet layered with foil on the bottom then, I added 2 tsp of lemon juice and 2 tsp of pepper to each of the tilapia fillets and put it in the oven on 400* for about 30 minutes. It came out fabulous! I really enjoyed this meal. I added some canned carrots and peas, along with rolls. All of the sides came from my stockpile, thanks to great coupon deals.
Dakota had mixed reviews. He was not sure of the texture of the fish, so at first he would put it in his mouth then spit it out, then I got this great picture of him acting like he really didn’t like the fish; however, by the end he was all smiles. I tried this meal again later and he wouldn’t touch the fish. He may take a while to warm up to it just like his mommy had to!
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  1. Laura Jane says:

    Mason loves fish! We get the parmesan encrusted tilapia bags at Sam's and he's a big fan! (so am I) Tilapia is the least fishiest fish. But, I will tell you salmon is very fishy so I'd be surprised if you like it. I love it so I hope you come over to the dark side!

  2. Mommy Hates Cooking says:

    I'll have to try that! I had salmon at Olive Garden 1x, and it was so FISHY!!!! It was covered with yummy stuff though probably not something I'll be able to eat now and it was better. I'm probably sticking to tilapia and baked catfish for now until I ease into the fish scene! :)

  3. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says:

    I found your blog through "Call Me Laura Jane" and love it! This is my favorite way to cook salmon, easy and super delish: http://www.chefjeanpierre.com/702.html

  4. Mommy Hates Cooking says:

    Thank you for stopping by! I will have to check out this recipe, it sounds good!

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